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Would you like to create a video or film production that will connect your brand with your audience?
We produce high concept films, shoot films in the highest quality and create the ultimate brand experience.

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Creating a (TV) commercial, advertisement, pre-roll or brand movie will always begin with a strategic plan around the use and purpose of your campaign. This plan will be developed into an effective script, which will then go into a fully efficient pre-production phase.

Seven steps to a film production:
1. A good conversation
2. Concept pitch
3. Pre- production of the film
4. Shooting the film
5. Montage
6. Presentation and feedback
7. Get it out there!

We do not only work from a good conversation to the final presentation of the film or video, we are also active in the distribution and provide thoughtful advice so that each film and video will get the best attention.
See our work and contact us for any questions.

Every film production will be unique. We look at the size and complexity of a production to come to a complete overview of costs.
We produce efficiently to prevent unnecessary costs and above all to keep the focus on the goal of the campaign and to ensure the high quality of the film.
It is possible to set up a film or video production based on a budget. This requires more creativity but that is just what we love about our job.
Contact us with all your questions. We are happy to help you.

Have you already got an idea of how you will use a film or video for your brand or business?
Will you use a film or video to advertise (commercial, pre-roll or brand film), to make it part of your marketing (corporate video) or to create your PR (registration, stunt, aftermovie or branded content film)? There are multiple ways in which you can brand your business with film and video.
One thing is certain: it will always have the intention to be seen. Therefore, the best thing to do before you develop a film or video, is to think about; what audience am I going to serve? Who are they? And what can they learn from me? Do you want to encourage direct sale? Or do you want to inspire your audience with your content so they will associate and evaluate your brand with their lifestyle?
All kinds of questions for different options. We would be happy to advise you.

''Rarely does one meet a craftsman with as much passion for his gift. Jasper and his team has that special blend of deep knowledge and a penchant for customer service that makes this the creme de la creme of specialty film couture! To say that I am excited to enjoy my first project is true. This is THE company for young professionals who want high quality craftsmanship.'' Amin Mayahi - Republic Dutch

At De Draaimolen we focus in particular on advertising. We choose the brand movies and commercials over everything else. Why? Because we want to give our films the highest production-value. We do this by styling the production. We choose actors, models, decoration, colors, and compositions to direct this to your campaign film. We will always advise on how to distribute your video and also participate actively to get the best attention. For example we shared our campaign Never Forget Your First for Republic Dutch with bloggers worldwide. This made it possible that the video has been seen in more than 78 countries and that it went viral on Facebook.

Foto sans de bike
Fikret Koç (left) and Jasper Duijf (right)

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